[ ik-splawr, –splohr ]

verb (used with object), ex·plored, ex·plor·ing.

to traverse or range over (a region, area, etc.) for the purpose of discovery:to explore the island.


Vanessa & Damian

Hello! We are Aussies travelling and photographing our trips around Oz. When we are not posting to Instagram, we are busy at our home in rural SE Qld planning our next trip.

12 responses to “Home”

  1. Hey, good luck out there Damian and Vanessa….look forwad to hearing of your adventures in what has to be the greatest country on the planet! Cheers, Baz, The Landy


    1. Thanks Baz 🙂 Still waiting for the CT to be built but if it’s not ready by November, we will camp – old fashioned style 🙂


  2. Are you retiring old man? or just taking LSL? If you are down Canberra way, don’t forget to pop in for a night of free camping and catch up to have that drink we always talked about.


    1. Will do yong man, coing your way at Easter so will try either on the way down or back up. Retired no just testing the water


  3. Yeah you guys, enjoy yourselves. And when you get to Rocky, get in touch huh?

    Good Luck


  4. Hi, love your blog, and wanted to just let you know about this in case you would like a souvenir of the 2015 Big Red Bash. Didn’t want to splash it across your Facebook page, so hope you are OK with this message. Love your photos too!! Regards Robert & Patricia https://www.facebook.com/EventPhotographics1/photos/pcb.148685122144366/148684792144399/?type=3&theater


    1. Thanks for that lovely comment. You guys do a great job. We are moving to Darwin in January so a whole different POV for photography up there. Can’t wait. Cheers


  5. Hi Damian and Vanessa, looking forward to following you on your travels. We’re hoping to do the big lap in a couple of years when the kids have finished school. In the meantime we have to be content with our camping weekends and occasional jaunts further afield. Cheers.


    1. Hi Miriam – nice to have you along. My posts are sometimes jumbled up because as a photographer, I can’t just put up the images unedited but I hope you’ll indulge us. I hope you can get some use from the information we provide in our blog for your own travels 🙂 Vanessa

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      1. Thanks Vanessa, look forward to more of your photos and words, jumbled or otherwise 🙂


  6. Vanessa … have just read your blog of 2015 Big Red Bash … an entertaining and may I say, an excellent “every-persons” article which captures the BRB spirit. I also noted that you are moving to Darwin in January for a posting. Talk about an opportunity for the deserving … moving to the Territory – the heartland of off-road exploration and photography. My 20+ years throughout the Kimberley were fantastic but I couldn’t spend much time in the Territory … so I will catch up with you on the Territory-track sometime 2016/2017. PLS keep shooting, keep blogging … so enjoyable !!
    Cheers … NeilM


    1. Thank you so much Neil. What a lovely comment you left. Yes, am certainly looking forward to living in Darwin and taking advantage of all the photographic opportunities that will surround me – not only in Darwin but in the Northern Territory and in some of the islands around the area. The Tiwi Islands and Thursday Island spring to mind. Cheers

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