First trip

Well, we are planning our first trip for this December.  We are hoping our Aussie Swag trailer will be ready but chances are it won’t be so we will probably be camping.  Damian is planning on having a canopy built for the ute as well as having a drawer system built and some other small things which need to be done.

We have a friend in one of the Aboriginal Communities in Northern Qld who has offered us a place to stay so we are planning on heading up there.  We are aware that the ‘wet’ may dampen these plans, but if that happens, we will simply change direction and head somewhere else.  As a portrait photographer, I am looking forward to the opportunity of photographing locals along the way and hoping to gain permission to photograph the Elders and Children in the communities.  I’ve a feeling my landscape photography will get a work out too.

Planning is still underway but when we have it sorted, I will post the route here.

More to come at a later date……

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