Canopy for the Ute – Pro Fit Canopies

Well, the first mod has been done and it is the much needed canopy.  Damian has been searching for nearly 2 years to find the perfect canopy to fit our needs and as it turns out, the perfect canopy was literally on our doorstep in a tiny little town just near us.

We ordered the canopy and it was made for us in a quick turnaround time.  We just had to pick it up – an easy 30min drive from here – or they will deliver to you.  We spent some time chatting with Rob to get some instructions and then headed back home to install it ourselves.  I cannot tell you how easy this was to install and the price was fairly decent as well.  You can contact Rob at – oh, and tell him we sent you 🙂  He’s a great bloke to talk to and he does a fair amount of travelling out west himself.

Here’s some images of Damian and Rob chatting and getting the rundown:






And here is a video of Damian installing the canopy at home – talk about easy!

I do hope you enjoyed that little video.

Cheers til next time 🙂

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