More mods – Snorkel fitted

So, things are coming together nicely now.  With our first trip looming very quickly (even though we’re camping this time), we needed to move things along a bit.  With the promise of the Aussie Swag being completed within a few weeks, it’s time to get the 4WD sorted.

Yesterday, we took the the BT50 (Damian still won’t let me name her) to Opposite Lock, Nerang and had a snorkel fitted.

Opposite Lock, Nerang

Kevin and Tony were very friendly and efficient and the price was pretty good also.

Up on the hoist she goes
Up on the hoist she goes
Kevin starting work
Kevin starting work





All finished.
All finished – and she looks great!

One response to “More mods – Snorkel fitted”

  1. Snorkel is a must. We had to fit one 1/4 way into our journey – hadn’t realised how much they do!


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