I’m going to separate the posts on Begonia Station into two posts.  This post is about the buildings and the area that Dad would remember but I don’t know if he was there during a time of drought or of rains.  This time, it is very definitely in the grip of a particularly nasty drought.

When I told Dad we were going through Dirranbandi and then St George he asked if we could go through Begonia for him as he would never get back there again.  He told me the exact room he used to live in; where the ringers yards could be found; where he had lunch and lots of other little details.  He said that he always considered Begonia his home and if he could, he would go back there.

At first, I was just going to take a few photos for him then realized that this trip meant more to me than just as a favour to Dad.  This was part of my history and strangely enough, as I wandered the station taking photos, I again got emotional.  Looking at the step that Dad would have sat on at the end of the day; walking on the road he would have walked on to get to and from the main house and the yards and all those other little details.

Begonia Station is still a working station though not nearly as big as it was in it’s heyday.  The lady who owns it now is facing tough times but I will expand on that in my next post on Begonia Station.   We camped on the property for two nights and helped with some mustering, but more about that in the next post.

For now, this is a gallery of images of the buildings that would have been so familiar to Dad.  Not much has changed.  His room is still there.  The yards are still there although not used anymore.  The main house is still there though changed as it was flooded through in the Feb 12 floods.

So indulge me for a little while as I wander down my Dad’s memory lane.

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We camped on the property and were witness to some fabulous sunrises and sunsets as you can see from the images previously and Pepe had a blast.

In the next post, I will tell you a story of the lady who owns Begonia Station now and what it’s like living there during this time of drought.

Cheers til the next post

Vanessa and Damian


  1. […] to my home town of Dirranbandi and meeting up with Anne Young of Begonia Station.  Seeing all the buildings that Dad used to work in and sleep in really bought a tear to my eye and I’ve since shown Dad […]


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