We had visited the Stockman’s Hall of Fame this morning knowing that it was only a short journey to Winton.  By the time we left Longreach, it mush have been almost lunchtime.

The road to Winton was really not much different.  Still desolate, parched earth waiting for the rains to flood the plains and deliver much needed water to the water table below.

We pulled into Winton and went to the caravan park that was most recommended on Wikicamps – the Matilda Country Tourist Park.  Below are some images of the park.

We met a lovely lady by the name of Margaret who used to be a nurse.  Now she makes opal jewellery and sells them to people staying at the park.

"May I take your photograph please?" "Ooh, no, I haven't got my teeth in...." "That's ok, I didn't even notice"
“May I take your photograph please?”
“Ooh, no, I haven’t got my teeth in….”
“That’s ok, I didn’t even notice”

We woke the next morning very early and as I opened the tent and stepped outside, this is what greeted me.  Needless to say, I rushed for the camera.

A very red sunrise
A very red sunrise

After we packed up, we headed into town because I wanted to go through the Waltzing Matilda Centre.  We had to hang around til 9:30 so wandered the main street and took a few photographs while waiting.

Once we’d finished doing that, the Centre was open.  Again, there was only me and another couple visiting so we had the place to ourselves.  They have a wonderful audio visual show that starts the whole experience off, then you’re free to wander at your own pace.  More things reminded me of Dad and one thing in particular made me stop in my tracks.  Dad used to roll his own cigarettes using Log Cabin and they had a can sitting on a stump.  A lump in my throat as I remembered Dad rolling his own and the stump setting was perfect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a moving experience for me and another that I’d like to revisit when next we pass through this way.

But, needs must, and we hopped back in the ute and headed for Charters Towers.

Longreach to Winton 178.7km - 1hr 45 min
Longreach to Winton
178.7km – 1hr 45 min

Cheers til the next post.

Vanessa and Damian

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