We decided to head to Lake Tinaroo for the night before heading up to the Lions Den Hotel.  The landscape has changed dramatically from out west and there is loads of green either side of the road now.  Green trees, fields of sugar cane or whatnot. Roadworks still continue along the roads.  Most are still in recovery from the last floods.

There was an abundance of termite hills everywhere we drove but this was the first time I’d managed to get a decent shot.  I’m becoming very adept at shooting from the car – I have a beaut lens which is image stabilised so that helps a little.

Termite Hills
Termite Hills

There are very few independent road houses any more so when I see one, we stop so I can photograph it.  This one is at Greenvale on the Lynd Highway.

And of course is a stopping point for road trains.

Charters Towers to Lake Tinaroo-7

As we drove on, we came across a back burning operation.

More road trains and came across a road house advertising the best burgers:

From there we went through Tully and on to Lake Tinaroo.  I’ve been photographing as many hotels as I can – only interesting ones of course, and had to stop to photograph this iconic hotel.

Charters Towers to Lake Tinaroo-13

After seeing all the drought, desolation and thin cattle out west, it was almost an assault on the senses to see all this green and heavy and fat cattle resting in their paddocks.

We were finally close to our destination so Damian pulled into a hotel to get some supplies, only to find out they didn’t have much stock as it was due the next day – hmm. But, while parked in the drive through, saw this car and couldn’t resist an image:

Take a breath and let the rest come easy
Take a breath and let the rest come easy

After this disappointment, we headed into Lake Tinaroo to set up camp for the night. This was the first night I heard curlews screaming throughout the entire night.  Didn’t keep me awake for long, but certainly wasn’t what I’d call a pleasant sound.

The caravan park and camping area there is pretty good.  Facilities were large and clean.  Lots of shady spots and the owners were friendly.  We had to pay a deposit of $50 for Pepe but got that back when we departed.

We took Pepe down to the lake for a walk and though he’s supposed to afraid of water, or at least that’s the impression he gives come bath time, he took a few hesitant steps into the water and we couldn’t stop him. He tore up and down the beach trying to bite the waves lapping at the beach and his joy was an amazing thing to watch.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera, but Damian reminded me that some things you just need to enjoy.

One night here and then we head off to the Lion’s Den Hotel – something which I had been looking forward to the entire trip.  You hear so much about it and Damian has been there several times.  Read my next post for images and stories from there.

Screen shot of Charters Towers to Lake Tinaroo:

Charters Towers to Lake Tinaroo - 541.4km - 6hr 21min
Charters Towers to Lake Tinaroo – 541.4km – 6hr 21min

Cheers til next post.

Vanessa and Damian

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