Birdsville Big Red Bash

So, we have been looking forward to this trip for quite some months now.  Having booked tickets last October we have been counting down the months and days.

The Birdsville Big Red Bash is a new annual event in it’s third year and has been growing exponentially from inception. With Big Red as the backdrop to the stage, the event plays host to iconic Aussie singers and bands and this year is no different.

Jimmy Barnes is the headline act along with Jon Stevens and Diesel.  The event is held over 2 nights and offers 3 nights free camping at Big Red as part of your ticket.   This year, the event will feature Wilbur Wilde as MC and he will also entertain us with Frankie J. Holden as they perform music from Ol’ 55 and other songs.
Planned route – 3518km (approximately)

The map above shows the approximate route we will be travelling.  It doesn’t take into account the extra trip out to Big Red from Birdsville nor does it take into account the little extra distances to some of the free camps we will stay at, but it gives you some idea.  The RACQ planner advises this trip would take just over 2 days to drive non stop (which of course we won’t be).  I so hope we inspire someone to do as we did and say, ‘to heck with it, let’s just go’… 

Join us in our next post as we travel from Canungra to a free camp just outside Miles for our 1st night out.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on anything.

Until then,

Damian and Vanessa

“Follow the Sapper”

2 responses to “Birdsville Big Red Bash”

  1. It will be a great trip. We are going out there for the races this year and beyond


    1. The races would be awesome 🙂


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