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…and back again…

Leaving Birdsville

So, it’s the morning after the night before…the concert is finished and everyone is on the move.  People started moving out well before sunrise all keen to get on the road before the hords do.  We decided that it was in our best interest to hang back and take our time leaving.  We knew only too well that it was going to be busy in Birdsville but also at the Dump Point and Rubbish Dump this side of town.  It was also pretty dusty so the more traffic on the road, the further back you need to travel from the vehicle in front.

We left about 9am but still couldn’t avoid the masses.  We did have to get back to Coopers Creek (along with at least 50% of the other guests at the BRB) so decided we really did need to get a move on.

We weren’t far out of the campsite before we stopped to help a young mum with 2 little girls who were stuck on the side of the road – flat tyre (or should I say shredded).  This wasn’t her only problem either – the car was pretty old, a 2WD sedan that had seen far better days and appeared to be held together with tape.  When asked where she was headed, she said Adelaide…hmmm.  Anyway, we stopped and Damian changed her tyre for her wishing her luck (she was going to need it). We don’t know how she fared, but I hope she was ok.

Road conditions had certainly deteriorated by the time we got under way as we fully expected.  You can’t have that many vehicles on a corrugated road without some deterioration.  We figured something like 1000-1500 vehicles were headed back to Birdsville.  The corrugations had certainly worsened and there was an incredible amount of dust kicked up. The savvy and smart traveller held well back from the vehicle in front (though some decided to be heroes and pass…). We sat on about 70-80kmh and used more fuel to Birdsville than we had on the way in. www.exploringozinstyle.comBirdsville to Windorah 2 Birdsville to Windorah 3

As to be expected, Birdsville was packed to the rafters and it took us til 11am to fuel up and re-stock supplies from the Bakery.

We were able to be a little more leisurely on the way back to Cooper’s Creek and I had already identified a couple of major subjects that I wanted to photograph on the way back.

The first was the Sculptures of the Dreamtime just this side of Betoota.

www.exploringozinstyle.comBirdsville to Windorah 6
Just a few vehicles had the same idea – it’s a good spot to stop and take a break.

Just around the corner from this stunning piece of work is the ghost town of Betoota.  I’m not sure of it’s history, but you see in one of the photo’s an advertisement for an event in 1997. The photos show the rate of deterioration and the amount of detritus left when people just walk away.

Things were just left in the kitchen and rubbish was just left.  This is an interesting place and well worth the stop.

Birdsville to Windorah 9 Birdsville to Windorah 10 Birdsville to Windorah 11 Birdsville to Windorah 12 Birdsville to Windorah 13 Birdsville to Windorah 15 Birdsville to Windorah 14 Birdsville to Windorah 16

Time to leave and head to Cooper’s Creek but as always, there’s time to stop and chat about all things camper trailers and all things Aussie Swag as we met up with a fellow AS owner.

Birdsville to Windorah 18

Birdsville to Windorah 17

Don’t let the sign fool you – it’s far more than 2.5hrs to Windorah from here.

Interesting use of the roadways up here as well –

Birdsville to Windorah 19

Birdsville to Windorah 20
and along the way, we happened upon some more emus.

We met up with our mate Kevin unexpectedly at the next rest stop and so we headed on into Windorah to camp together for the night.

Cooper’s Creek was very busy, but if you take the time and drive in and on a bit further, you’ll have no trouble finding a camp spot for the night.

Birdsville to Windorah 21

This country never fails to impress with her sunsets and glorious light on the trees.  Kept me occupied for a few minutes while the sun sank below the horizon.

Next time, we travel from Windorah to Charleville.

Until then

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