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Welcome to Exploring Oz in Style and the travel blog of Damian and Vanessa.  We are of a certain age and with all our children grown and able to look after themselves, we are now ready to start the travels around Australia that we have been planning for quite a few years.

As a recently retired military man of many years, Damian is certainly not unaccustomed to ‘roughing’ it in the bush and looking after himself.  He spent considerable time in Northern Qld and is quite at home 4WDing and camping.  He has a good deal of experience in outback situations so love travelling with someone who I feel incredibly safe with.


Whilst born out west of Qld in Dirranbandi and having lived all my life in SE Qld, I, on the other hand, am not so comfortable with ‘roughing’ it quite as much as Damian and so, we have invested in the most beautiful camper trailer – the Aussie Swag.  (To read more about our wonderful camper trailer, please head over to the Our Gear tab on our blog).

An Award-Winning Professional Photographer, I have always had a camera in hand, first using film then progressing to digital (shooting Canon 5d Mkiii and ii). I do still shoot film on occasion with a Bronica Medium Format camera as well as a Konica 35mm camera.  I also shoot Fujifilm XE-1 as my ‘small, carry around’ camera which has its own special identity as far as how the images appear.

After posting to Darwin for 4 years then to Victoria (literally weeks before COVID19 made her appearance), we are finally back home in Canungra in the beautiful hinterland of the Gold Coast, Qld.  6 years away means there’s a lot of things to fix and patch up in our 100+ year old farmhouse. As Damian is now retired, he is spending time working on that project.  We are planning a huge renovation to our house as well.  While he is retired, I most certainly am not and I work all around the country in a locum role.  Whilst I am working, especially as I’m away from home, our travels have been curtailed somewhat.

We also have a huge surprise towards the end of the year – I’m so excited I am about to burst but you will have to wait…….

We do hope you enjoy reading about our travels and viewing our images.


Vanessa and Damian

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4 responses to “About Us”

  1. Hi. Am looking forward to travelling around with you as a follower. Your photos are good and I enjoyed your story. Thank you also for the ping back and the follow.


    1. Hi Irene – glad to have you as a follower. Enjoy 🙂


  2. I’ve completed 3 journeys around Oz and planning the 4th. Going through your blog made me want to go now. Well done:)


    1. Thank you Vit. It makes me happy that people enjoy this blog and that it makes them want to travel more around Australia. This is a wonderful country full of the most amazing and different sights. Cheers Vanessa


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