Mazda BT-50 Freestyle Cab Ute (2009)


Since we broke our poor girl in August 2016, we had to purchase a different vehicle.  Given that our priorities have changed somewhat, we purchased a vehicle that was definitely almost unbreakable and definitely one that was tough.  We chose a 79 Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier (more commonly referred to as a ‘troopy’) and we joined both the Toyota Landcruiser Club, Darwin and the online Troopcarriers of Australia page.  If you have a troopy, and want to join, you must have a photo of your pride and joy as your profile pic.  Just a little heads up for you 🙂

We love our Troopy and know she will take us on many many adventures.


Back in 2009, we were looking for a ute for our little farm – for all the useful things, like carting hay around when we need to hard feed the horses, taking the pump to and from the repairers and the creek, moving loads of rocks, tree branches – that sort of thing.  At that time, we also felt we needed the towing capacity to tow a double horse float.  Oh, and we needed a vehicle that would take us on our travels around Australia, both short and long journeys.

Damian undertook a fair amount of research, and as I had a lovely little Mazda 6 LSH at the time, Mazda came into the equation.  Well, I guess the main reason he eventually went for the BT-50 was the towing capacity.  We bought the BT-50 without any additional mods save for a run of the mill bull bar.

Now we have ordered our camper trailer and are starting to plan for longer trips, the list of mods to the ute continues to grow.  So far, the following is planned for the ute – though it will take some time:

  • canopy/awning
  • bullbar/winch/dyna rope
  • improved suspension
  • snorkel
  • driving lights
  • drawer system
  • engine chip
  • exhaust system
  • tyre pressure monitoring system
  • rear and front differential air lockers
  • bead lockers
  • navigation system
  • dual battery system
  • comms

So, on this page, I will be posting articles about the different mods we do to the ute, including images and links to the companies that we use.  Again, we aren’t paid by any company to promote their business, but if we get excellent service from a company as well as a great product, then we will certainly let you know about it.

If you have any further suggestions or comments, please feel free to drop us a line.


No mods

No mods

No mods

No mods

No mods

No mods

No mods

No mods

Well, the first mod has been made and it is the addition of the canopy so here are a few pics with the canopy on.

The canopy

The canopy




Ok, following on from this post, we have since done some mods and thought I’d list them here.  As at end November, 2013, this is what we have done:

  • Profit Canopy
  • Safari Snorkel
  • Dual battery system
  • Tekonsha Electric brake controller
  • Maxxus 751 Tyres

That’s it for now.

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