Our Aussie Swag


Quite a few years ago, we decided that we wanted to do the ‘big lap’ around Australia once Damian had retired.  As we weren’t in a position to get going then and there, we started researching different types of camper trailers, slide-ons, roof top tents, 4WD caravans etc.  We spent many a happy day at the various 4×4 and Camping Shows in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  We did a lot of internet research.  As Damian was well versed on the requirements, that made our job a little easier.  We knew we wanted 4WD capabilities so that we could go off-road but I also wanted comfort – especially as we were planning on living in this trailer for 12 months or even more.  What were our priorities:

Vanessa – good, workable kitchen; hot and cold running water; LED lighting; preferably a shower of some sort; hard floor; inner spring mattress and north/east facing bed.  I was looking for comfort and for things that would make life a little easier on the road – especially when it came to cooking at night.

Damian – off road capability; self-sufficient (power and water); ease of set up; independent coil suspension amongst other things.

We narrowed our search down to 4 different camper trailers – restricting our search to Qld suppliers as we wanted the ability to see the factory 1st hand and to be able to source great after sales service.  One of the reasons we decided on Aussie Swag was the price quoted was all inclusive with barely any options as opposed to most other dealerships which quote the base price and then you keep adding on extras until the price is out of range.

Eventually, we decided that we wanted an Aussie Swag Trailer and finally purchased the 2014 Ultra D Christmas Eve 2013.

Since then, Matilda as I’ve come to refer to her as, has taken us many places and we’ve enjoyed comfort that has been an absolute pleasure on our trips.  We’ve stayed in bush camps, off grid, caravan parks and on the side of the road.

Read through the blog to see where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing.

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2 responses to “Our Aussie Swag”

  1. As we weren’t in the position makes it more swag like the old one.


    1. It doesn’t matter what you use to bed down at night – swag, tent, caravan, soft floor or hard floor trailer. Just to be able to get out and see this amazing country for yourself is the goal. Australia provides such wonderful scenery, culture, people, food and everything else. As Nike says – Just Do It 🙂


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