10 Mile Camp, F/Camp – Charleville


Listed as: Mitchell Hway, 10 Mile Warrego River, co-ordinates are shown as:

26° 16′ 51″ S

146 18′ 50″ E

It’s free, dog friendly, shady, there’s a river which you can throw a line into or pop the kayak into for a paddle.  You have to find the road to the camp site but if you pay attention to what others have said in the comments section, you’ll find it no trouble and there’s plenty of room for everything from tents to RVs.  It’s quiet and it’s peaceful.

I did a quick video diary of the camp.  I’m new to this Video Diary business and with only one arm in use (the other is suffering from post operative surgery), there may be times I wobble a bit, but there you go…


Free; Dog friendly; plenty of space; shady; river; fishing; quiet, peaceful, away from highway; suitable for everything from tents to RV’s.

Address: Mitchell Highway, Charleville, Qld

You do need to bring your own wood and water.


Please remember that these are our own personal ratings.  We are not paid by anyone to advertise or endorse.  What suits us may not suit you. This is purely a guide. We were travelling during school holidays at this time, so there is certainly potential for the spots we chose to be overrun.

Ratings of 1-5 with 5 being the best.

Amenities: n/a

Camp Spot:  5

Staff Friendliness:  n/a

Dog Friendliness:  5

We have marked this as a favourite and gave a good comment on Wikicamps.

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