Cathedrals on Fraser, Fraser Island

We chose to stay at Cathedrals on Fraser which is one of two private camping grounds.

The facilities are fabulous with a well equipped camp kitchen, good showers with great pressure for hot and cold water; washing machines and the camp grounds were fairly quiet when we were there (outside school holidays). Whilst there is a range of accommodation options including cabins, we pitched our tent on a powered site near the facilities.  We stayed a week and were very appreciative of the friendly manner with which the owners ran the site.

The wildlife was rather daring with a few dingos calling the place home and coming up to the tent sites looking for food.  One even stole 1 of Damian’s work boots – he’s still not happy about that.  Everyone is aware not to encourage them and we certainly didn’t feed them.  A reminder to anyone who hasn’t been there but planning on going, it is best to take metal boxes to store your food, as the dingos get the lids off the plastic tubs pretty easily, and don’t forget to put a padlock through the ring so they don’t lift the lids!

Dingo at the campsite
Dingo at the campsite

Overall, we enjoyed our time there.  Next time we go, we will try a National Park campsite as we will have our own solar panels etc for power by that time on our camper trailer.

Kookaburra right near our campsite waiting for some leftovers
Kookaburra right near our campsite waiting for some leftovers

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