Dalrymple Tourist Van Park, Charters Towers

Whilst in Charters Towers, we stayed at the Dalrymple Tourist Van Park.  You may ask what happened to all the free camping we were going to do.  Well, to be perfectly honest, whilst Damian was more than happy to free camp, I was feeling the heat and was in need of some comforts such as showers and a pool.  Call me a wuss – that’s ok 🙂  And as we were travelling in the off season, the caravan parks were close to empty so we weren’t camped with caravans and other campers on top of us.  If that was the case, I guess we would have headed to more free camps.

Dalrymple Tourist Van Park is situated on the Lynd Highway with GPS coordinates as follows:

South 20 degrees 03.23   East 146 degrees 15.21

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We enjoyed this park very much.  One thing which really annoyed me on this trip was van parks which closed down half their facilities because it was the off season – yet still charged full price.  This park had ALL it’s facilities open.  The toilet block and laundry were very clean and great quality.  The site we were on was under some lovely shady trees.  There was no noise from the highway or neighbouring properties. The people who ran the park were quite friendly.  The permanents who were around us were very friendly and happy to chat. The pool was beautiful with nice, spacious grounds around it.  The golf club is right next door and Pepe loved his morning walks there.  We let him off the lead and he ran and ran.  The camp kitchen was great and included a television – which was great as the Test Cricket was on so Damian had a lovely time setting himself up in there to watch.

The reception area also has a small shop for last minute things or emergency items. They have a small range of magazines and newspapers as well.

All in all, this was a lovely place to stay and we would happily book in here again.


Please remember that these are our own personal ratings.  We are not paid by anyone to advertise or endorse.  What suits us may not suit you. This is purely a guide. And it should be noted that we travelled in the ‘off peak’ season so the park was not overrun with travellers.

Ratings of 1-5 with 5 being the best.

Amenities:  5

Camp Spot:  5

Staff Friendliness:  4

Dog Friendliness:  5

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