Lake Placid Tourist Park, Cairns

We arrived at Lake Placid Tourist Park mid-afternoon.  Roger and Michelle are the new managers of the Park and had only been there about 6 weeks when we arrived.  We had seen mixed reviews on wikicamps and were a little unsure as to what to expect on our arrival, but we received nothing by friendliness and helpfulness from the new managers.  


You are asked to park in the lay-by outside the park in order to check in which was fine.  Michelle and another lady both checked me in – both still learning the ropes etc, but they were very friendly and everything done with a smile from both of them. It looks like the computer system allocates a spot for you and when we drove to our allocated spot, we found we were sandwiched between other vans.  The park was fairly empty as it was the off season, and when I asked if we could swap spots, we were told to go for a drive, see which one we liked best and they would simply reallocate to us. Easy!  We found a nice spot near the amenities block, not too far from the camp kitchen and the pool and on our own.

Roger appeared to be working the entire time we were there.  Cleaning up and tidying the gardens and trees, he never stopped.  He was nice and easy to chat to and as it so happens, had worked at O’Reilly’s up on Lamington National Park, which is just ‘up the road’ from us at home. Small world!

The space we had was quite large and we had room to spread out.

Camp set up
Camp set up

The pool area was very inviting – tropical in looks, with a very large camp kitchen that had everything in it (except a TV to watch the cricket) as well as a bbq area.  The pool was lovely and cool and very popular at around 6-7 each night as people cooled down from the heat of the day.

Damian spotted a giant moth which sent me running for my Macro lens.

It is also worth noting that this Park offer car and van storage.

We would happily stay here again and Mark McGirr (a member of the forum) informs me that whenever a trip is organised to set off from Cairns, all their members book in here and it is used as their start off point.


Please remember that these are our own personal ratings.  We are not paid by anyone to advertise or endorse.  What suits us may not suit you. This is purely a guide. And it should be noted that we travelled in the ‘off peak’ season so the park was not overrun with travellers.

Ratings of 1-5 with 5 being the best.

Amenities:  5

Camp Spot:  5

Staff Friendliness:  5

Dog Friendliness:  5

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